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Pandora was forged as a DSC Europe 22 co-located event. We found a strong ally in the Serbian Gaming Association (SGA) who helped to strive for a completely new level of Gaming Conference Event.

As a part of Pandora you will get a chance to listen to over 30 Tech Tutorials, follow Computational & Generative Art virtual track and enjoy the first-ever live Pandora event, happening on November 17th. We are going to cover the topics of Data analytics in Gaming, Dynamic Universe Creation, AI-powered NPCs and Realistic Interaction.

And, did somebody mention the Official Gaming party? Let’s play together!


Pandora 22

Topics & Tracks

Pandora is focusing on giving you the tools and know-how for implementing AI and Data Science in your business. During this event you will have the chance to attend talks, learn, and meet the leading gaming developers in the region. For upgrading your development skills this conference is a must-attend.
Topics we are going to cover are:

Data analytics in Gaming

Data from game analytics is used to obtain specific information about what a player wants, predicting game issues, consultations, and time. New game concepts, news stories, and machines are built using previously acquired data.

The gaming industry makes full use of data analytics. Technology, finance, game, marketing, strategy, just say the domain of statistics and you will find it works with the revenue in the gaming industry.

Dynamic Universe Creation

Most of the popular games in the industry are the ‘open-world’ games which allow the player to interact with the environment. But this universe-creation takes a lot of time to be perfect and consists of repetitive and small tasks.

With the help of Machine Learning, the time taken by the process has reduced manifold and the developers can utilize the time saved in more creative processes.

AI-powered NPCs

Generally, the Non-Playable Characters have to be hard-encoded in the sense that they are scripted characters which respond to fixed situations with a fixed set actions. With the incorporation of Machine Learning, these characters can adapt according to the environment and the player’s game-style.

For example, in the game Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain produced by Kojima Productions, if a player continuously uses the technique of headshots in the game, the characters adapt to it by starting to “wear” helmets to prevent getting hit on the head.

Realistic Interaction

Typical open-world games require the player to interact with its environments and “fellow-men” to complete the objectives. With the rise of Natural Language Processing, the player can interact with other characters in a more realistic manner.

For example, in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, one has to maintain the ‘honor’ level of our character and the other in-game characters interact with the player according to this rating.

Our speakers

Apolinario Passos

AI Artist and ML Art Engineer , Hugging Face

Igor Simic

CEO & Creative Director, Demagog studio

Marko Jevremovic

Head of Data & AI,
Game Tuner powered by Algebra AI

Michal Warchalski

Data Scientist,

Mihael Alapic

Head of Analytics, Nanobit

Milan Licina

Artist/Professor, Metropolitan University

Nikola Vasiljevic

Head of Insights and Analytics, Mad Games

Thorsten Weidemann


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